I have a brand new car. It is parked under my carport at night. But I'm having a problem with cats.


It's always right after you wash the car. The cats sniff out those shiny cars that have no specs of dirt. My dog Tiger is an inside dog, but every now and then, he'll go crazy barking at something he sees out of the window. Now I know what's driving him nuts. Stray cats are hanging around the house. I don't feed them. But I guess someone in the neighborhood is feeding them, because they seem to hang out. I don't if it's a family of cats or just one crazy cat. But if you look at the pictures, it seems to me, this cat is twerking on my car. I've thought about hanging garlic from the car or even putting a stuffed animal (like a pit bull) on the car at night. But listeners called with other suggestions. One says I should put a strip of aluminum foil on the car. Cats don't like the sound or texture of the foil and will stay away.