This video cracked me up! I can't believe there's a tutorial on the web telling you how to pronounce Shreveport.

Granted, I have heard 'Shreveport' mispronounced, but Bossier City has a much harder time when it comes to getting the name right. Plus, it's not like you're trying to bust out with Natchitoches or anything?

With that being said, I had to look up Bossier... Big surprise! They got it wrong!

At that point, I couldn't stop searching. So what did they come up with for Natchitoches? It's not quite right, but it's better than the attempt at Bossier!

In closing, I have to say, Lafayette's tutorial is my favorite!

What towns in Louisiana do your regularly hear mispronounced? I have to say, Mooringspot and Morningsport always get me! Have an excellent day and please, leave comments below!