To celebrate this weekend's big 'Comic Con' in San Diego, the producers of the soon to be released 'Spider Man 2' have unveiled their latest trailer, giving us all for the first time, a close up look at Spidey's latest nemesis, Electro, played by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

The new 42-second teaser opens with Foxx obscured in a tangle of wires, seemingly strapped onto some sort of high-tech gurney. As the camera slowly scans the equipment, he says in an ominous whisper, 'No matter what you do … you can’t contain me. I'm Electro.'

Last year, 'The Amazing Spider-Man; star Andrew Garfield appeared at the world famous convention. Garfield reprises his starring role for the sequel, which opens May 2nd and also stars Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley, Chris Cooper and Dane DeHaan.