He ain't gonna be swingin' anymore. RIP Jani Lane- former lead singer of Warrant, who brought a whole new meaning to Cherry Pie. He was found dead in a Comfort Inn hotel room in Woodland Hills, Ca on Thursday. He was 47. He battled alcoholism, and as his sister stated, it won- every day. TMZ reported there were prescription pills and alcohol found at the scene, which was interestingly, only a few miles from his actual home. Toxicology reports are expected to come back within 2 months, but his sister, swears drugs can't be related, because he could not tolerate drugs and wanted no part in them. He joined Warrant for a reunion in 2008, but left the  band many times during the life of the band. His real name is John Kennedy Oswald. In 2009 and 2010, he was arrested for driving under the influence, and spent 120 days in jail last year. RIP, Jani Lane- the first rockstar I ever crushed on!