A huge thanks to loyal KVKI listener Teri Netterville, who earlier today sent us this amazing Facebook post and photo:

"Wow. I don't have words to describe what I'm feeling right now.

For a treat, I brought Gator to Another Broken Egg for a quick breakfast before school.

We sat down and this sweet older gentleman walked by our table. Before taking his place at the bar, he stopped to say some very kind words to Slade and then gave him a very special dollar as a gift. Gator thanked him and told him Merry Christmas.

Then, this sweet man pulls out a framed photograph of his wife, sets it on the bar. The waitress smiles and says, 'Good Morning, Mr. Travis. I have your coffee just the way you like it'.

He smiles, thanks her and proceeds to have coffee with his beloved.

Slade and I are very moved by this.

Today I lift my glass to LOVE. Whether here on earth, or from heaven above, Love is the gift that keeps the heart full of hope and light.