Various Madonna fan sites are claiming a leaked set list for Madonna's MDNA tour reveals an "Express Yourself" "Born This Way" mashup. If this is true, could Madonna be setting the record straight on the similarity of the two songs?Madonna has not done much in the way to bash Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," but that doesn't mean that she doesn't plan to. This does seem like the best to prove that Gaga molded her song after Madge's "Express Yourself." The music would speak for itself, right?

I have one main problem with this proposed mashup of the two songs: Why would Madonna bother is such trivialities? I could be wrong, but we will have to wait until May 31st when her MDNA tour kicks off in Tel Aviv. Most of us will have to wait even longer to see it for ourselves when Madonna's tour is set to come to New Orleans on October 27th.

Just in case your curiosity is getting the better of you, here is the leaked set list. This is still unconfirmed so take it with a grain of salt.

"Act of Contrition"
"Girl Gone Wild" (meets "Material Girl")
"Gang Bang"
"Papa Don't Preach" (edit)
"Hung Up" (MDNA remix)
"I Don't Give A" (rock remix)
"Best Friend"/"Heartbeat" (interlude)
"Express Yourself" (meets "Born This Way")
"Turn Up the Radio"
"Give Me All Your Luvin'" (Just Blaze remix)
"Open Your Heart" (meets "Sagarra Jo" by Kalakan)
"Masterpiece" (feat. Kalakan)
"Justify My Love" (William Orbit remix -- interlude)
"Candy Shop"
"Human Nature"
"Like a Virgin"
"Nobody Knows Me" (interlude)
"I'm Addicted"
"I'm a Sinner" (meets "Cyber-Raga")
"Like a Prayer"