Seems as though Lenny Kravitz name, alone is causing some turmoil in the Carey/Cannon household.

So what is the backstory on this jealousy? Seem as though Mariah and Lenny were sweet on each other, back-in-the-day. Nothing every happened, but you know how crushes can be.

Well fast forward to 2012, Mariah landed the judge spot on American Idol and, surprisingly, her husband, Nick Cannon was less than pleased. The rumor, according to, is Nick wanted Mariah to stay at home with the kids until they were 5 and he was hoping for another bambino...Mariah thinks "no so much".

So, as Mariah landed the job on American Idol, she made a suggestion to bring in a friend on the show and that friend is Lenny Kravitz. This suggestion set Nick into orbit, not only did she not consider his thoughts, but he has always felt jealously toward Lenny Kravitz, because of their teen "crush"es.

This writer's opinion, if Nick keep this up, he will drive Mariah into the arms of Lenny. Dial is back, sir, or this won't end well.  Just sayin'.