Just as we thought things were going so well for Lindsay Lohan, she goes and hits somebody with a car. It happened early Wednesday morning as Lindsay was leaving a Hollywood nightclub in her new Porsche.

TMZ tells us that she was attempting to evade paparazzi upon leaving the nightclub, when she hit the manager of the nearby Hookah Lounge as she drove away. If Lindsay is involved, you can bet that it didn't take police long to arrive on the scene. According to TMZ it might actually been Lindsay that called the police! That sure is a change.

The police decided, after interviewing bystanders and the manager who was struck, that no crime had been committed.

We could still have a civil suit if the manager decides to sue Lindsay.  It's also not known if the incident will in any way affect Lindsay's probation in her shoplifting case, which she has been doing very well on in the past few months.