When you are Madonna you are expected to be a little demanding. Her leaked concert rider tells us just how demanding this "Material Girl" is.


A source close to the inner circle revels that Madonna and her 200+ entourage don't travel lightly. Even though Madonna travels with a 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist and even an on-site dry cleaner there are still certain things that have to be in order.

In her dressing room, Madonna requires that there be 20 international phone lines, white and light pink roses with six inch stems, and lilies (no word on whether the lilies have to have six inch stems or not.)

The insider also claims that when Madonna stays at a hotel while on tour, she demands that all the furniture in the hotel room be removed and replaced with her own personal furniture.

Who knows if this insider can be believed or not, but all in all Madonna's demands aren't that crazy. Prince demands that all the furniture in his dressing room be covered in plastic an only to be removed by him. Clay Aiken states in his rider that there are to be "No nuts. No mushrooms. No coffee. No mint. No chocolate. No shellfish." Need even crazier demands? Janet Jackson has on her list of tour demands,"No Fish Ice!" See Madonna seems quite rational now.

[Via In Touch]