Pool season is almost here, so you might want to rethink that swim suit...at least if you plan to visit a pool in Bournemouth, England. The UK Sun reports that a dad was kicked out of a pool, because the lifeguard was not keen on his swimwear. No, the dad wasn't rocking a Speedo, or a thong -- just an extra-long pair of swimming trunks. The lifeguard told the man, Andy Toms, that the extra fabric of the suit could bring bacteria into the water. Before ejecting Toms for his lengthy shorts, the pool staff offered him a pair of swim trunks found in the center's lost and found. EWWW!!!! "They offered a pair from lost property but if the problem's hygiene it's not very hygienic to wear somebody's lost trunks."

Toms had even worn the very same pair of trunk to the pool on a previous occasion, and had not been bothered. "These are not classed as swimwear," a rep for the swim center insisted. The pool asked Toms to leave, but offered him a refund in which he took.