Laser beams. Lightning. An epic score. No, it's not a video for a new "Star Wars" movie or an outrageous rock band. This flashy project is for the Lord.

Maryland's Evangel Cathedral has defied expectations of what a church website should look like and has embraced a flamboyant, flashy and loud visual experience that is a far cry from a normal church mass.

The crazy video, which can be viewed at Evangel Cathedral's official site, features everything you'd never expect to see at a religious website.

Following the flashy, science-fiction-inspired intro video is an equally busy homepage, replete with a blazing guitar riff and song whose refrain is, "Rock on/Rock on." Other sections of the website feature R&B, hip hop and rap music. So, yeah -- not your father's religious website.

The church's Facebook page claims it's "a trailblazer in the Body of Christ in the areas of Worship, Fine Arts, Music and Special Events." They should probably add "crazy Flash intros" to that list.

What do you think about the church's website? Is it a great way to attract a younger, more web-savvy crowd, or a technological misstep?