Easley, South Carolina will be getting its first Starbucks, but here's the catch...it will be inside a funeral home.

The Robinson Funeral Home will be serving up Starbucks coffee to grievers. Nothing gets rid of the blues like a Venti White Chocolate Mocha.

Four generations of Robinsons have been serving complimentary coffee as a perk to its clientele, but the Starbucks won't be free. The Starbucks will be just like any other Starbucks: there will be a menu, cash register, and a barista to fill all the orders. Funeral Owner assured WSPA-TV that it will be off to the side and there won't be any signage out front.

Some other "differences" with this Starbucks as I see it would be:

  1. Starbucks mugs as Urns - looking to inter the ashes of your loved one in something that they loved? Why not use a Starbucks go cup as an Urn?
  2. Formaldahyde Frapachinno - No, I don't suggest that they actually used formaldahyde in making a Frapachinno, but have you seen the Starbucks Secret Menu?
  3. Tall, Grande, and Venti Coffins - enough said.
  4. Chaple Now with WIFI - One of the coolest things about Starbucks is their great WIFI.
  5. Chalk Obituarys - Memorialize your loved one on the chalkboard at this Starbucks.