You’ve come to expect the unique and hard to find plants and bulbs when it comes to the Master Gardener’s offerings at their annual sales.  In keeping with this tradition of unique and hard to find comes the second in a series of Master Gardener’s cook books, DIG IN 2.  Gems of recipes that have been handed down from one wonderful cook to another. 

Why is it that people who love to dig in the dirt and grow delicious vegetables are also such great cooks?  DIG IN 2 is proof positive Master Gardeners are great cooks!

Eight sections divide DIG IN 2.   Appetizers and drinks, vegetables and side dishes, main dishes, cakes and pies, this and that, candy and cookies, soups and salads.  

In addition to an incredible collection of unique recipes, DIG IN 2 also features bits and pieces of information about the NWLA Master Gardener Organization and their pet projects.  Denyse Cummins, Area Horticulture Agent for the LSU Ag Center, has included several gardening tips on fertilizing, the dividing of plants, and how to grow a lush green lawn. 

The NWLA Master Gardeners invite you to enjoy the recipes in DIG IN 2. The Duck Gumbo, Meat Pies, Upside down Apple Pie, Bayou Shrimp Dip, and 60 Minute Yeast Rolls to mention but a few.   In DIG IN 2 there is a biscuit recipe that tastes just like Popeye’s, and of course no Master Gardener cook book would be complete without a recipe on how to make homemade dog biscuits. 

Add the NWLA Master Gardeners DIG IN -2 to your cook book collection.  It features colored photographs throughout, including the Randal T. Moore photo on the front cover.  DIG IN 2 has three padded ring binders, a book stand and a special envelope in which to put loose recipes. 

NWLA Master Gardeners DIG IN 2 cookbooks are available through any Master Gardener, or by calling the Master Gardener Hot Line at (318) 698-0010, or contact Linda Anderson at, or (318) 675-7509, (318) 286-1228.  Copies of DIG IN 2 will also be sold at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair 11/5/2011.