Yep, I saw this little beauty earlier today on Youree Drive, near the corner of Bert Kouns. My first thought was, 'Hey, look! It's James Bond!' But when we got to the light it was a completely different story...and not nearly as funny.

At that point it became, 'Excuse me, Ben Hur. Could you kindly move your rims so my car can pass?' That's we came to the traffic light I realized I couldn't pull up along side. His rims were over the line and into my lane. I had to lay back lest I be shredded. In fact, as he made the left turn onto BK he nearly ran two other turning cars into a gas station parking lot., they not wanting to suffer serious body damage, either.

So, here's the pic I took at the light. Please, feel free to comment. I guess my only one would be, 'How on earth are these things legal?' And how long before he does some really serious damage?