Robinson's Rescue, a non low cost spay/ neuter clinic will be holding a fundraiser they're calling 'Coffee Grounds For Hounds' this Saturday morning from 8 til 10 at Rhino Coffee on Southfield Rd. in Shreveport.

Event details

The event, which will be family and pet friendly, will feature games for all ages, swimming pools for the pups and, of course, coffee and treats for all. The non-profit clinic is asking for a $10 donation.

And for those ho can't make it by 10, Rhino Coffee will donate 10% of the day's proceeds.

About Robinson's Rescue

Dr. Andrea Everson, speaking with Robert & Erin this morning, said the clinic performs about 30 surgeries a day and has done over 20,000 spay / neuter operations since they opened five years ago. She also said the goal of Robinson's Rescue is to eliminate euthanasia in our community and reduce the severe overpopulation in area animal shelters.

Robinson' Rescue also works to educate pet owners on spay / neuter and how the procedure saves animals' lives through prevention.

Robinson's Rescue is located at 2515 Line Ave. in Shreveport and can be reached at 318 221-0017.