One of the saving graces of this cold, Louisiana February is knowing that warmer weather isn't that far away. And, of course, the coming of spring brings once again that time of the year that's near and dear to all Louisianans...crawfish season!

But with the coming of our annual mudbug madness, imagine a place where the crawfish are enormous, like three, four or even five pounds in size! We're talking about a tiny spot in the warm waters of the south Pacific. To be precise, the fresh water crawfish found on the island Tasmania.

The Tasmanian crawfish can grow to weigh as much as 11 pounds and longer than two feet. And Tasmanian mudbugs weighing four pounds are not uncommon!

So, as you take a look at this remarkable video, remember the viewing isn't a lobster, but, if you will, a steroid crazed cousin of the Louisiana mudbugs we find in our inland waterways. How many of those four pounders do you think you could eat?