It turns out that I'm not qualified to take a selfie!I tried so hard this morning to get my picture in purple in during the morning show, but taking selfies is an art form that I haven't been able to master. It's hard to hold the phone without getting your hand in the picture all while posing and hitting the camera button at the same time. Maybe I'll ask my step daughter Lani for some help!

Either way, my selfie wasn't deemed acceptable, so Elizabeth had to help me out! So why are we trying to take selfies while wearing the color purple?

Today is Epilepsy Awareness day and Cory and Elizabeth encouraged everyone to wear purple to show their support. They also had a very special guest in studio this morning. Her name is Vanessa Littleton, she's 10 years old, and she's fighting epilepsy. If you listened this morning, than you learned a lot about this scary illness. We hope you find some way to incorporate purple into your outfit today and show your support as well!