A Shreveport teenager critically hurt in a crash last week is showing signs of improvement. 17-year-old Stuti Jawahar, a Senior at Byrd crashed on the way to school on the icy morning. She was taken to LSU Health Sciences Center with injuries to her brain. The family has set up a Facebook Page called Pray for Stuti where you can get updates and leave messages. We are happy to see this message posted today:

Facebook photo

"Oh what a wonderful day! The Almighty displayed his power with a swagger that was unmatched! My little beautiful flower defied all scientific And statistical predictions! The treating neurosurgeon stood by her bed, watching her breath calmly and effortlessly on her own and said, he did not think he was going to see this happen! And I knew then and there the reason! Because they forgot to factor the ONE MOST IMPORTANT power in when they were making those guesses and predictions. I will take his blessing over all the science, all the medical advances and all the statisticians ANY Day! Praise The Lord!"  Doctors say her alertness level has leaped up and she has started following directions very briskly!  The family asks for continued prayers.