Their sports resumes are lengthy and loaded with cheers, championships and glory. But for Shreveport's Josh and John David Booty, it's one more shot to get back to the big time.

l to r: Kevin Millar (host), Tim Wakefield, Josh Booty (josh booty photo)

Reality TV and major league sports collide in 'The Next Knuckler', a show that follows the attempts of five former college quarterbacks - Josh (LSU), John David (USC), Heisman winner Doug Flutie (Boston College), David Green (Georgia) and Ryan Perriloux (Yes, Tiger fans...THAT Ryan Perriloux) - in competition to learn baseball's trickiest pitch, the knuckleball. Their tutor, former Red Sox star knuckler Tim Wakefield. First prize: A spring training tryout with the National League Arizona Diamondbacks.

Of the five players, Josh would seem to be the favorite, having big league baseball experience with the Florida Marlins, as well as time as a college and NFL signal caller. Flutie, at 57, would seem to be the long shot, despite a career filled with last minute heroics. And, of course, there's Perriloux, seeking a bit of redemption following his many off field difficulties.

Follow brothers Josh and John David, two of Shreveport's favorite sons, on 'The Next Knuckler', airing Wednesday nights at 8 on the MLB Network.