Riddle: What's Egyptian, almost 4,000 years old and lives in a museum? Easy, you say. An ancient artifact of some sort. Okay, riddle: What's Egyptian, almost 4,000 years old, lives in a museum...and inexplicably spins around?

The curators at England's Manchester Museum were puzzled when they noticed an ancient Egyptian statue changing position, and all the employees swore they'd never touched it!

So, to try to discover what was going on, they took a look at the museum's security cameras and what they saw was equally unnerving.

When viewing the time lapse footage taken over a week, they saw the statue of Neb-Sanu, which is only 11 inches tall, turning around on its own.

The statue, which dates back to 1800 BC, was found in a Pharaoh's tomb. It has been in the museum for 80 years, and in the video it appears to be spinning, albeit ever so slowly.

The museum's top Egyptologist says the statue's movement could be the result of an ancient curse. But others say the slow spin is caused by vibrations from a nearby construction site..

It is odd, though, that the statue some say could be possessed by the spirit of the Egyptian king is the only one that's turning, while all the others remain perfectly still.