4th of july

As You Celebrate The 4th Of July, Thank Willis Carrier
I just stepped outside to get my morning paper (what can I say, old habits die hard), and I had occasion once again to thank Willis Carrier.
Although his name is not mentioned in the same breath as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla or Bill Gates, it should be...
July 4th Fireworks: Fun and Frightening
When I was kid there was nothing more intriguing to me than Black Cat firecrackers. I loved the smell of gunpowder and the power I felt when I lit one of those tiny sticks of dynamite.  The hint of danger that came along with them only added to the excitement...
July 4th–Fill Your Tank Without Emptying Your Wallet
Most of us have them.  Those childhood memories of long road trips with the family.
My mom is a regular Marco Polo.  She loves to explore, and wanted to pass that love on to my three siblings and me.  We took driving trips to Big Bend National Park, Smoky Mountain National Park, a…

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