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Anderson Cooper Can’t Stop Laughing [VIDEO]
I saw this video making its way around Facebook this afternoon, and I found myself laughing along with him!
Last night, he was trying to poke some fun at Gerard Depardieu, the actor that decided to... uh... relieve himself on a plane.
But, after only a couple of bad puns, Cooper totally lost his compo…
Anderson Cooper Punk’d On CNN [VIDEO]
I guess radio stations aren't the only places co-workers play jokes on one-another! (I'm talking about you, Tracy!!!)
It seems the other day on CNN, Anderson Cooper's producers found a use for an old picture they found of him...
Who Will Replace Regis Philbin on “Live?” [VIDEO]
Regis Philbin announced on Tuesday that he's retiring from his long-running morning show after 25 years. The 79 year-old personality has had a slew of co-hosts over the years, most notably Kathie Lee Gifford from 1988-2000 and currently Kelly Ripa who's been with the show since 2001. ABC h…