Most Incredible Easter Candy Made Right Here In Louisiana
I recently had to make a visit to the Velocity Care Clinic on Airline Drive to get a sore throat examined.  Sore throats are pretty common, but to radio announcers they're kind of a big deal since we make our livings talking.  Anyway, the doctor prescribed some medication and called i…
M&Ms to Release New Halloween Flavor
Too early to start talking about Halloween?
I don't know about you, but I start planning MY Halloween the day AFTER Halloween! And thanks to M&Ms I already know what I'm getting for my trick-or-treaters.
M&Ms just announced a new flavor hitting Target this Fall, and its white…
What Do You Go Trick Or Treating With? [POLL]
With Halloween on the way, many kids (and adults too) will be out on Friday the 31st going door to door trick or treating for candy. They'll all be dressed up in some sort of costume, some will be elaborate and some will be as easy as wearing a football jersey! They all have one thing in mind t…

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