Christmas Gifts

Have You Ever Given Homemade Christmas Gifts?
Unfortunately I have had to start thinking about Christmas and what I plan to do for Christmas gifts. I have always been a huge procrastinator, and I am trying to change that this year. My heart says get everyone everything but my bank account is asking if I am getting everyone something from the do…
What To Do With Unwanted Gifts
If you got unusual gifts for Christmas, like maybe a steel rat, what to do with them?
It's no fun storing them... They take up valuable space! And throwing them in the trash seems so wasteful.
Luckily, has compiled a list of ways to rid yourself of those gifts you don't wan…
Top 10 Gifts for Hipster Pets From Design Blog ‘Dog Milk’
At Dog Milk, Christine Martinez and her colleagues spend all year sourcing the best dog-friendly products for modern pups and their design-savvy owners — especially those of you with an eye for urban edge. This holiday season is no exception. They’ve rounded up and want to share some of their favori…
Operation Santa Claus [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Thank you to all of you that donated to Operation Santa Claus! We had a great time at The Joint...The Chiropractic Clinic on E. 70th and Youree. I don't know what was more fun, collecting the toys or getting to watch Stifler (from or sister station K945) have to burn his Alabama shirt! Check ou…
Top 6 Holiday Gift Picks for Pets
We know you’ll be inundated with gift ideas this holiday season, but after sharing our ideas for gifts for your vet, we couldn’t resist offering a few of our own favorites for the year courtesy of VetStreet’s Dr. Patty Khuly.
Gift Wrapping A Cat [VIDEO]
Somebody (I'm not mentioning any names, Jason) sent this video to me.
In it, someone seems to amuse themselves by wrapping their cat in Christmas paper.
However, being an owner of two cats, I can assure you, this is not a cat! Or at least not one of mine!

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