Courtney Strodden, Teen Married to 51 Year Old, Gets TV Show
You may remember Courtney Strodden from back in July.
That's when she and her husband went on news shows talking about their relationship... Trying to explain why the 16 year old married 51 year old Doug Hutchison.
Back then, Robert, Erin, myself, everyone was questioning how long before som…
51 And 16 Year Old Couple Finally Speak Out
You'll remember a couple of weeks ago, Robert and Erin posted about actor Doug Hutchison marrying Courtney Stodden... a 16 year old.
And, wow! The comments we got about the, uh, marriage made in heaven!
Beware Of What You Post To Facebook
With so many people applying for jobs in this economy, employers are turning to new ways to screen through applicants.
For the last couple of years, doing a Google search on your name was a pretty common "background check."
But now, get ready to turn the Creepy factor up a notch! 
The Federal…