Can You Convert a Cat Hater? (Video)
Speaking as a kitty-convert myself, cats take some getting use to. BUT now I wouldn't trade my cats for any dog in the world!
Some people will never see things my way, and thats ok. There are folks are definately "dogs only" people. I really love dogs too, but I married in to s…
A Day in the Life of Happy Ski Patrol Dogs
This video features some of the happiest thing you'll find on the mountains. Ski patrol dogs, this video shows how these dogs work saving people from avalanches with a healthy dose of "WHAT A SWEET PUPPY!!!"
WATCH: Cutest Codependent Dog Ever
Dogs are man's best friend. We sometimes forget that we are their best friends too. Take Shiro, a purebred Siberian Huskey, who just can't bear the trip when she knows her best friend will be leaving her to head to work. She begs and whines to hold hands or paws or you get the idea with he…
WATCH: Baby Otter Introduced to Water
Here's your daily dose of cuteness right here. A feature film called "Otter 501" follows a baby otter that was rescued off the coast of California after being separated from her mother and the Monterey Bay Aquarium efforts to reintroduce the otter to the wild.
Too Cute – Kids Doing Taekwondo [VIDEO]
They say that if you want your child to be good at something, start them at an early age. My parents made me do things like play baseball and the guitar. My sister took ballet and dance.
The parents of these kids chose something a little more... Advanced?