Dogs crash car in to a Wal-Mart
A 70 year old woman in West Virginia went to the local Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and brought her dogs along.
She made sure they were totally comfortable and left the car running with the air conditioner on so they could stay cool. And how did they repay her...
Sci-Port To Host Dog-Friendly Event
Man's best friend has lived in the night sky since the beginning of time, and now pooch loving stargazers will have a way to celebrate both of their favorite things thanks to Sci-Port.
I Wonder What My Dog Named Me? [Opinion]
It's something to think about when you don't want to think about anything too important. I suggest you go jump in the shower and let the warm water wash over your brain. Then you'll begin to see the clarity of the obtuse thought that can only be achieved in the shower.

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