There Are Elephants Buried In The Ark-La-Tex
You read the title correctly. And I'm not talking about figurative elephants. This isn't a metaphor. I'm talking real actual elephants.

And believe it or not, there are THREE elephants buried in the local area!
10 Adorable Animals Trying to Play Soccer
The world's most popular sport isn't just for humans. In addition to robots, animals are also quite smitten with the sport, perhaps because it doesn't require opposable thumbs. Whatever the reason, one thing's certain -- when animals get their paws on a soccer ball, d'awwwws…
Six Baby Elephants Playing on the Beach [VIDEOS]
Apparently someone forgot to tell us that baby elephants playing on beaches result in the cutest vacation videos ever.
The first video in the list surfaced this week, and with a little digging, we've turned up a slew more. It's a unherd of of cuteness...