See Erin Andrews Get Video-Bombed by Two Creepy Dudes
Oh, poor Erin Andrews. The Fox sports personality was doing a report during this weekend’s coverage of the NFL when she unknowingly became part of the creepiest video-bomb you can imagine. As if she doesn't have enough weirdos leering at her on a daily basis.
Erin Andrews Dodges Kiss from 50 Cent…On TV
Sports reporter Erin Andrews was caught off guard at yesterday's Daytona 500 when, while searching for an interview in the pit area, bumped into 50 Cent who then tried to give her a kiss...which she expertly dodged. And all in front of a worldwide television audience.
ESPN’s Erin Andrews Files Suit
ESPN Erin Andrews has filed a new $10 million invasion of privacy lawsuit over a 2008 incident in which she was videotaped in the nude through the peephole of her Nashville hotel room.