How It’s Made: Fireworks
Even though fireworks is a multi-million dollar industry, using computerized launch systems and the like, the general principles behind fireworks have remain unchanged for centuries.

Take a look at this scene from Science Channel's 'How It's Made' as they discuss fireworks and w…
The Top 10 Funniest Name Of Fireworks
Fireworks can be a lot of fun. They can entertain small or large groups; whether it's an entire city or just some folks in the backyard.
It's not just the sounds, sights, and scares that fireworks have to provide entertainment though. The creative names of fireworks can offer a few chuckles…
Not a Night Owl? Check Out Daytime Fireworks!
Daytime fireworks are a cool new trend for the firework enthusiast with an early bed time! They use smoke and colored powders to make an amazing display that can be seen during the day.
Apparently there are even some that are sold publicly so you can have a fun July fourth celebration and still be in…

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