Get Fit, Get Connected With REFIT
There's a new workout program in the local area that promotes health and wellness along with a strong sense of community. It's called REFIT®. It was founded by three women in Waco, TX, and is taking the fitness world by storm!
A Beautiful Video of a Hike from Mexico to Canada
This video was filmed on a hike, that spanned all of the western side of the United States of America. Granted it’s not a step by step video. This person filmed one second every day of the hike. This absolutely blows my mind for two reasons...
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Work out Commercial from Japan
Wouldn't be great if you could just sit at your desk and get a huge workout in? Well, I guess that's what this commercial from Japan that stars Cristiano Ronaldo is about. He has electrodes strapped to his stomach, biceps and thighs and his muscles dance to the funky dubstep techno music. …
30th Annual Firecracker 5K Huge Success [PICS]
The 30th annual Firecracker 5K at Shreveport's Mall St. Vincent was a huge success with over 3,000 runners taking to the streets and it was an auspicious day for me, as it was my first attempt at a 5K since beginning my #C25K program!

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