The Film Prize Is Coming Back to the SBC
The Kickoff Celebration will be free to all film lovers, free food and a cash bar will be a part of the festivities. The 7th Annual party will celebrate last years success and they'll be giving away $1,000!
Operation Santa Claus Is Here!
In many cases the Operation Santa Claus gifts are the only gifts that these children receive. If you want to donate and unwrapped toy you can do so over the course of the next couple weeks.
Louisiana Is 8th Most Fun State In The U.S.
We may not have the best roads, best health, or best money management skills in the country; but, boy, we sure know how to have fun!  In the most recent WalletHub study, Louisiana ranks 8th in the most fun states in which to live in the United States...
Sega Dreamcast Turns 17
Just in time to make you feel old is the Dreamcast's 17th birthday!
In 1999 Sega released this beast of a system, and though it was short lived, it set the tone for console gaming for over a decade. Even powerhouse console, Xbox lives in the shadow of being only 2nd console to have a LAN adapter…

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