2015’s Song Of The Summer Is…
With the summer of 2015 unofficially wrapping up on Labor Day, Billboard magazine has named their song of the summer, however it's a bit different than our online poll!
What Are You Listening To?
Have you ever noticed someone with headphones on and wondered, what are they listening to? Well, a fellow decided to ask people in NYC that exact question. The results are music to your ears.
A Tortilla on a Turn Table? Madness!
I'm not sure this is the BEST way to listen to music, but they video makers took a tortilla and a laser and made a 'vinyl' record. Sound loco? It is!
Pass the salsa
The Top 10 Most Hated Songs [VIDEO]
We've all got a favorite song... that song that you immediately crank the radio up on when you hear the first few notes... But what about the songs you absolutely cannot stand?!?!

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