Who Has The Best Pizza in the Shreveport/Bossier City Area?
Yesterday was National Sausage Pizza Day and it got Bristol and I to thinking about who might have the best pizza in all of Shreveport/Bossier City?
She's convinced that it's got to be Johnny's but there's so many great places, it really depends on personal preference...
5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat At Bedtime
What food has been shown to cause nightmares? Another food could lead to a bedtime incident that none of us want to talk about. Chances are you've eaten all of these foods at bedtime and you really shouldn't
Pizza Hut Perfume Is an Actual Thing That Is Happening
Fact: everybody who isn't a monster loves the smell of pizza. But that doesn't mean that Pizza Hut should be making a pizza-scented perfume. Especially because their pizza is exempt from the "everybody loves the smell of pizza" clause. But they're doing it anywa…

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