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Website Specializes In Selling Old Houses
I found a website that does nothing but sell old houses all around the country. Some are gorgeous and fully restored, some need a little TLC, some are abandoned, but all of them are at least 60 years old, with some stretching way past the century mark.
House for Sale for $33 Million Gets an Epic Commercial
This house is mind blowing! But lets be honest, the price tag is mind blowing as well. This mansion is in the Hollywood Hills and boasts an infinity pool, media room, spa room, a work out room, huge walk in closets, huge dual sided master baths, wine cellar and so much more...
Real Estate Porn Of The Week [PIC]
Last week, we compared houses with specific square footage from here to those in the Los Angeles area. This week, let's look at houses that cost $125,000 from here and compare them to see how much house we can get in the Chicago, IL area.