Things Women Want Before They’ll Hook Up
Fellas, heads up. If you heading off to a first date with a girl and you are attempting to crack the code on how to get her into bed quickly, we hate to break it to's going to take a lot more dates and a few other things to earn the green light.
Most women now require FIVE DATES before hoppi…
Things Girls Do That Guys Don’t Understand [VIDEO]
Let's face, guys and girls, men and women, whatever you want to call it, just don't always 'get' each other! That's why they have all of those self help books. This guy, Marcus Butler, with his fabulous accent, wonders why women do some of the things they do...
What Do Men Think About During Dates? [VIDEO]
We've all heard the statistic that mean think about, hmmm, 'that,' roughly every seven seconds, right? That can't be possible... or can it? Turns out, it's true! Especially on a first date if you believe the people from College Humor!
Aaron’s “Ask A Man Anything” Day
We decided to open the phones and social media to women and said they could ask us what they've always wanted to know about men.
We intend to tell the truth, it may not be what you want to hear but we are offering an INCONVENIENT TRUTH! Talk about "character revealing stuff".
How To Ask A Girl Out… Using Her Own Advice [VIDEO]
In almost two decades of being in the radio business and asking people for their opinions, whether it's what song they want to hear or how the feel about the local politicians latest gaff, I've learned that women have no problem sharing their opinion.

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