Is Facebook Ruining Relationships?
Social networking has become completely integrated into our modern life.

Now, because Facebook has become so ingrained in our everyday life, it is being blamed for the breakdown of relationships.
Things Women Want Before They’ll Hook Up
Fellas, heads up. If you heading off to a first date with a girl and you are attempting to crack the code on how to get her into bed quickly, we hate to break it to's going to take a lot more dates and a few other things to earn the green light.
Most women now require FIVE DATES before hoppi…
Things Girls Do That Guys Don’t Understand [VIDEO]
Let's face, guys and girls, men and women, whatever you want to call it, just don't always 'get' each other! That's why they have all of those self help books. This guy, Marcus Butler, with his fabulous accent, wonders why women do some of the things they do...

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