Roller Coaster

Backyard Roller Coaster Made of PVC Pipe
I once put a swing set together and had a few parts left over. Needless to say that I could never create a roller coaster in my backyard as this Dad has done. Would you let you kids ride it?
Homemade Roller Coaster Called Blue Flash
This roller coaster, known as Blue Flash, is in the back yard of John Ivers in Indiana. A friend of Ivers describes the ride as terrifying. His friend added, "The sound it makes as it screams through the track is nightmare-inducing. The loop pulls heavy G-forces. The first drop is the scari…
The 10 Most Awesome Roller Coasters in the World
My most favorite ride at any fair or carnival is the roller coaster, but there are some that I would have to think twice about before going for a ride on it. Check out the 10 most awesome roller coasters in the world.