Sega Dreamcast Turns 17
Just in time to make you feel old is the Dreamcast's 17th birthday!
In 1999 Sega released this beast of a system, and though it was short lived, it set the tone for console gaming for over a decade. Even powerhouse console, Xbox lives in the shadow of being only 2nd console to have a LAN adapter…
Sega Genesis Jumping on the Plug-and-Play Bandwagon
Nintendo announced that they were dropping a plug-and-play NES console in November, and now Sega Genesis is dropping one too!
What a fantastic time to be an 80s-90s kid! Instead of having to crawl in to your parent's attic and blow the dust out of your old games, you can opt for an affordable co…
Games For Boys!
Sega has announced that it's testing consoles called "Toylets" in urinals around Tokyo, which asks the user to strategically vary the strength and location of his urine stream to play a series of games.