Bristol’s Rescue Dog Cyrus Watches TV [VIDEO]
As we sat back to our enjoy our 4th of July holiday watching 'A Dog's Purpose' and thanking the Lord above for all of the wonderful perks of being an American today, like electricity, air conditioning, freedom and things like that... Bristol finally caught their rescue dog on camera b…
An Unforgettable TV Weatherguy’s Forecast [VIDEO]
Forecasting the weather can be difficult because no one can accurately predict what is going to happen only Mother Nature has control over the weather. Still though these dedicated professionals do the best job they can and with the advancement in forecasting technology they are becoming more and mo…
Shreveport’s Own ‘Cajun Court With Justice Jacque’
Have you seen the 'Go Pump' TVs at some of the gas stations in town? I was filling up the other day and a commerical for a show on Shreveport's KMSS Fox 33 caught my eye! You've seen Judge Judy, right? Well, Shreveport has their own version with Cajun Court with Justice Jacque!

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