Tennessee Titans rookie Jonathan "Tig" Willard was driving to practice when he noticed an SUV, driving down the road, with smoke billowing out of it. He sped up, honking and waving, telling the driver to pull over. Then he and another passerby helped pull the mother, three children, and dog from the flaming vehicle.

Sent by God?

And what did the free agent linebacker have to say about his heroic act? He gave all the glory to God. 'God put me in the right place at the right time. He knew I would find it in my heart to help out.'

The driver of the SUV, Cheri Hubbard, said of Willard and the other man, 'They're my angels. They were God sent.'

If they were 'sent by God', they were just in time. Moments after the rescue, the burning SUV exploded, totally engulfed by flames.

Just 'wants to play ball

Willard, meanwhile, insists he's not a hero and says, 'I just want to make the team and play football.'