Have you ever had someone say "he isn't a real man" or "a real man would...(fill in the blank)", well Female First came up with a list of what constitutes a 'Real Man'. It seems that the mustache, 'done-lop', and unwillingness to help clean the house don't make the cut.

Here is what made the top five:

  1. Investigating strange noises in the house at night.
  2. Offering to carry a woman's bags
  3. Handling the barbecue
  4. Changing a tire.
  5. Dealing with spiders

The survey also found that one out of three men DON'T consider themselves traditionally masculine.

  • 70% of the men surveyed say they aren't afraid to show their feminine side.
  • 30% say they like bubble baths and baking
  • 10% like pedicures and manicures