This list is crazy. The Weather Channel has posted a list of the top 6 beaches in the United States. 

You know something is wrong when 3 of the beaches are in towns that have cold winters. I tried to figure out how Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, Ocean City, New Jersey and a National Seashore in Michigan make the list. This is just wrong. If your community gets regular snowfall, you shouldn't be on a list of best beaches. But this list was divided into regions.  Facebook fans of the Weather Channel were asked to vote for the best beach in their region:

  • Gulf Coast
  • Southeast Coast (Virginia to Florida)
  • Mid-Atlantic/Northeast
  • New England
  • West Coast
  • Midwest

That's why Michigan, New Jersey  and New Hampshire make the list. The winners you might be more familiar with are Laguna Beach, California, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Sanibel Island, Florida round out the list. I agree with those. But any list of best beaches without something from Hawaii is flawed.