All this time I had made 2 assumptions about one of favorite cereals: 1.) Cap'n Crunch was a Naval Captain, 2.) Cap'n Crunch was from the USA. While the 2 assumptions MAY be true, there is a suspicion that we may have been lied to, as well.

According to a story on the website, the author of the article did some research to find that Cap'n Crunch may actually be Commander in the US Navy and NOT a Captain, as indicated by three stripes on his sleeves. (Four stripes is the indicator of a Captain)

Is he a Captain or a Cammander

However, Cap'n Crunch may be a Captain, if he is from France. At that point, he would be called Capitaine de Frégate, which is translated as NM Commander (or Captain of the ship).

So, either we have been lied to that he is from the USA, or the mouth shredding properties of the Cap'n Crunch cereal is a French plot to make it hard for us to complain that the Cap'n isn't a natural born citizen.

Then again, it could have just been a mistake when he was originally drawn.