Spring is coming fast, and that means that those wedding plans you made last year (or before) are coming to fruition. But experts say that before you say, 'I do', maybe you ought to say, 'Do I have enough cash?'


A new survey of almost 20,000 women shows just how incredibly expensive the average wedding has become.

According to the most recent numbers, the average wedding cost $28,427 – and that’s without factoring in a honeymoon.. The most expensive place to tie the knot is New York City, where it’ll set you back nearly $77,000! On the other hand, the home of the cheapest weddings is Alaska, at just about $15,000.

The average wedding dress runs more than $1,200 and most couples invite about 150 people to witness their vows.

The most popular month to get engaged is February. June, traditionally thought of as the most popular month to get hitched, leads the way at 17%.

The average bride is 29 years old and the average groom is 31, which means you’ll have plenty of years ahead of you to pay off the cost of the big day...whether you stay married or not. But that is a survey for another day.