This week the featured app is a dating app. Prepare yourself, this is no ordinary dating app. This dating app is about joining nerdy folks together.

Don't worry, I downloaded it for research.

The app is free and available on the Apple store. The developers explain, "Nerds are strange wonderful creatures that don't always get to express themselves through the regular cookie cutter dating apps." According to their app description, they wanted to cater their app to "introverts" and "awkward nerds".

Once you enter the app you put in your information and set up your profile. You then take a questionnaire to help you make connections with other nerds who like the same thing as you do.

Overall this is a unique dating app that could have potential to be pretty awesome.

While you are checking out the app, make sure to download the K945 app. The app is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.