After the now infamous throw down at W.I.P nightclub in New York City between popular singers Chris Brown and Drake, we're told something, well...we're not too surprised to hear.

The aftermath of the scuffle in NYC resulted in tons of broken bottles, and tons of injuries. The notable injures, Chris Brown and even San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker.

But, one thing happened after the fight that may or may NOT surprise you. Instead of Rihanna spending time and coming to the assistance of her current "hook-up" Drake, it was reported that Rihanna instead spent the night with Chris Brown!

A source added that besides seeing them both at rapper Jay-Z's popular nightclub 40/40 in New York City the very next night, Rihanna "loves the way he showers her with attention. It’s a win-win for them."

Another unnamed source states that she, "loves this!", and later added, "Men fighting over her? Are you kidding? Of course. [She] loves the drama."

Wow, just wow! Are you as surprised as I am?