Truth be told, you may be a great worker and the economy isn't a factor, so why aren't you being rewarded for your hard work? Sure we all think we deserve a raise and you get accolades all the time. However, you are tired of waiting for your rich uncle to get out of the poor house.  Seems that there are 6 universal reasons as to why you aren't getting the typical 2-4% raise.

--Check out the top six reasons people get passed over for raises.

You Only Do What's Expected of You. If you are the kind that just skates by with the bare minimum, you won't be reaping the rewards of anything. Believe it or not, you boss knows what you are  up to...or in some cases, what you aren't up to.

You Go to Your Boss Every Time There's a Problem. Are you the problem bringer or the problem solver? If you go to your boss with a problem EVERY time, then you are the problem. If you want to fix that problem, you may want to come with a solution to your problem and present that to you boss, otherwise you are just dropping the problem in their lap.

You Don't Call Attention to Your Accomplishments. Don't you hate braggarts? Guess what? They get raises. If you are humble, that's nice, but there is nothing wrong with telling your boss in a polite way that you did a good job, accomplished a hard task or received a compliment.

You're Not Updating Your Skill Set. You do the same thing day in and day out. You don't lean new technology, a new skill or take any classes to hone your skills. If you stay stagnant, you not only don't get a raise, you could eventually work your way out of a job that is "upgraded" by someone who went the extra mile to be relevant.

You're Not Paying Attention to Details. Missing details, means confusion, and lost revenue. Even if you, personally, don't care about profit and loss, you boss does and their job depends on your keen eyes to pay attention to detail.

Ask for the raise: This goes back to being humble. You can't always expect your boss to be gracious and just open the company checkbook to you. Your boss is a good person and treats you well, but your finances aren't their top concern. (not a bad thing, it is actually good that they don't mix personal and business). But if you want a raise, sometimes you have to just ask for it. When you do, give a top 5 or 10 list of accomplishments that would garner a raise. .

Statistics show that men get raises more often than women, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a statistic.

Go get 'em Tiger!!!!