Our women in uniform found the perfect way to celebrate Women's History Month.

Earlier this week, the women at Barksdale Air Force Base made history as two all-female crews took flight. According to the Shreveport Times, the crews in the B-52s and on the ground all consisted of females. Their ranks ranged from colonel, major, lieutenant and more. Even Colonel Goodwin was on one of the flights.

The goal was to celebrate Women's History Month and commemorate those women who have served in the military throughout history.

Thanks to the Shreveport Times, we have the names of each crew. One flight, the Skull 23 Flight consisted of: Aircraft Commander Major Sarah Fortin, Co-pilot Captain Marisa King, Weapons Systems Officers Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Gillaspie, Captain Corrine Bird and Captain Nicole White, and Electronic Warfare Officers Lieutenant Karla Arango and Captain Elise Manley.

The second flight, the Scalp 93 flight featured: Aircraft Commander Colonel Kristin Goodwin, Instructor Pilot Major Heather Decker, Weapons Systems Officers Major Vanessa Wilcox, Captain Ciara Shearin and Lieutenant Austyn Wilson, and Electronic Warfare Officers Captain Andrea Ross and Lieutenant Jessica Messmer.

I have such respect for women in uniform. Bravo, ladies!