I thought I'd heard it all, but then I find this little tidbit online about the world's oldest new dad.

This guy is 96 and he lives in India with his 52-year-old wife.
Ramjit Raghav and Shakuntala Devi welcomed their new baby earlier this month. The Times of India reports that "Raghav has now beaten his own record for being the world's oldest new dad, which he set two years ago when he and Shakuntala welcomed their first son together, Vikramajeet."

How does this elderly man still do it. It's not the bullets, it's the gun.
Raghav says he takes care of his health and having children late in life helps keep him young.

He tells the Times of India: "I didn't take any performance enhancers … I just prayed to go to complete my family, either a boy or a girl."