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I think we can all agree that 2020 was a wash when it came to New Year's resolutions. It's not like we could travel to places on our bucket list or hit the gym on the daily or take that cooking class we had been dreaming of because of lockdown and the pandemic. With all of that in mind, I hereby declare, all 2020 resolutions to be null and void. The slate has been wiped clean and it's time to embark on a more cautious and dare I say realistic journey to self-improvement in 2021. Like many others this year, my goals have been pared down to a more manageable level. So what's on our list to accomplish this year? It's interesting to see the top resolution by state thanks to the folks at Zippia.com who dug through Google analytics to find out what we really plan to accomplish in 2021.

Of course, every year I say I'm going to get in shape and lose weight and every year I make the same resolution. You'll never guess what resolution was more popular than weight loss... It's THERAPY! 

What did you resolve to change in 2021? Inquiring minds want to know!

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